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Building a spiritual highway from the nations to Jerusalem

Powered by God's LOVE
For Israel

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Create highways, pathways, prayer, escape
routes from the nations to Jerusalem


"Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,"
Isa 43:19 NASU

God said that He would establish a pathway through the wilderness
and desert for His people to return Home

Highway Components

Basically every action, or creation that:

Creates awareness of Jerusalem, Zion, Israel, being the epicenter of the God of Israel's Kingdom.

Brings about a flow of people and the wealth of the nations to Israel.

Contributes to Israel's restoration:- geographically (the  dimensions of the orginal mandate area [king David's kingdom]), return of  the people (Jews and many grafted in Gentiles), spiritually, wealth, power and a flow of blessing back to the nations - as promised to the Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, king David and eventually Messiah -- his homebase from where he will rule the nations.


Psalms 72:8 8 May he reign from sea to sea, and from the Euphrates River to the ends of the earth. 9 Desert nomads will bow before him; his enemies will fall before him in the dust. 10 The western kings of Tarshish and the islands will bring him tribute.The eastern kings of Sheba and Seba will bring him gifts. 11 All kings will bow before him, and all nations will serve him. NLT

What it is NOT

There are, of course, a number of actions involving Israel that do more harm than good. Some of these actions are mentioned in our Listing Agreement on the Submission page to our List. Please check them to guage the suitability of your agenda for our purposes.

How to Establish Highway Components

There are, many ways, but we have opted for establishing tent tabernacles as our main strategy, because it is such a "visible" and versatile way. Everybody will ask, "what is this tent about?" Especially if you display a minorah or an Israeli flag. It gives you the opening to tell them - even set up a little exhibition, (including a map of Israel stretching to the Euphrates!), display a few Israeli products -- especially from the settlements! What a turnover you'll soon have of Israeli products from 1... 10 ... 100 tabernacles - and we understand that people have been setting up tabernacles in America for the last 17 years. Now, the added idea of tabernacles forming dots on a highway, will start giving them real meaning by being "dots" connecting pathways across continents to each other. The tabernacles will indicate the way and and serve as beacons.

Every Tabernacle will indicate the directions and distance to the next one. In this way all will be linked and pilgrims will never be lost without knowing were to go next.

The Tabernacle could also be a food and medicine distribution center to assist those in need and to assist pilgrims (even refugees) on their way to Jerusalem.

It would be ideal to offer teaching at Tabernacles, such as in discipleship and prophesy - to show the increasing importance of Israel as we get closer to the end of our era. In third world countries teaching of skills would be very beneficial, especially farming for the production of food to assist those in need. The graduated disciples will have the opportunity to establish tabernacles or assist in established tabernacles or simply in their own communities.

Vision & Mission of "Highways to Jerusalem"

Our vision is to contribute to the establishment of highways Elohim has been commanding and promping thousands of his followers in the nations to build, by coordinating the actions of individuals, ministries, organizations, churches, etc. into a viable, efficient, interactive and organized infrastructure - laid out in our office at the final destination, JERUSALEM! (at 3 Mayan Street, Ein Karem, Jerusalem,  P. O. Box 31992, Jerusalem 00101 Israel)

How we plan to Coordinate these Highway building actions?

By inviting everybody, individuals and groups, ministries, etc. to LIST their plans, actions, facilities, achievements, (relative) failures, etc. with this project, "Highways to Jerusalem," for coordinating purposes and to establish a database of what's available and where.

We feel this project has to do with the Kingdom of God and it precludes any attempt at building personal kingdoms. Ministries should nevertheless eventually benefit greatly promotion-wise from their listing in this project as it grows and becomes known all around.

Note that participant's efforts remain their own, including funds raised for these efforts via the List or in any other way.


We hereby certify that information participants don't want to be shared on the List will remain hidden. Participant's information will also not be sold or divulged to anyone, even to fellow List participants - unless it is authorized. Proper firewalls will also be installed to protect listed data.

Measure of Secrecy

Our experience of covert operations and intelligence gathering has shown us that the more secretive they are, the less efficient they become. Our intention is therefore not to be secretive at all, or only where it is absolutely necessary. For instance, tabernacles or other structures associated Israel and general ministry operations should remain out in the open and continue with their normal ministry and services because "passers-through" need to know where to find provisions and directions - to secret safe houses, etc.


It probably depends on when the Lord will start making the return of the Jews to their inheritance a matter of life or death; when the hunters will be out in full force to purge the nations of their Jews - and those, especially Christians, who traditionally supported them.

This project offers an ideal way to monitor anti-Semistism in that it entails putting up tabernacles along highways to Jerusalem. Since these tabernacles will bear signs like an Israeli flag that will draw people's attention to Jews and Israel, it will immediately be a target when there is a manifestation of  feelings against Jews or Israel. See more at Zionsake anti-Semitism monitoring page. See also Founder's Appeal & Report

What would trigger the onset of widespread persecution of Jews and Christians in the nations? As we see it, the trigger could be something Israel will need to do to her neighbors that will cause the nations to turn against her, viz. (1) a collapse of the Temple Mount in which the mosques on it get badly damaged or destroyed, followed by a refusal of the Jews to allow the restoration of the structures, or (2) one or more of Israel's neighbors firing fastly destructive missiles at her that will necessitate Israel to knock out these neighbors to stop them from firing the missiles.

As it is, the Temple Mount has been so destabilized by the digging out the Muslims have done to establish more and more mosques (5 presently), that even they fear that it might collapse under the weight of too many people - as during Ramaddan around the middle of October 2004, about a week from our writing this...! Furthermore, it is well known that Syria and Hisballah have already lined up thousands of missiles that could reach deep into Israel. Some of these missiles might even be smuggled into Gaza and fired from there. We are talking about things that could happen any day - depending to Elohim's timing.

There is no time to waste!

We therefore urgently call upon folks and ministries to submit existing and future projects and actions, that might contribute towards a highway, to our LIST -- so that we can see what we have.

Become active!

Start a highway from your area!
It's as easy as putting up a tent!

Talk to us!

via:   Feedback  or OUR Blog

More Hints on How to Get Active

In the Nations

Establish and/or man tabernacles.

Contact tabernacles around you to set up routes between you and them to form a network. Check our Listing to find neighboring "Highway" Participants.

Organize prayer/worship hikes/marches between tabernacles, to create awareness of the importance of highways to Israel with optional extras: banners, an Israeli flag, minorah, ram's horns (shovars) and musical instruments. (If there isn't a tabernacle near you, set one up - especially in a non-supportive neighborhood -- they will soon see the light!!)

Set up committees, organizations, etc. to manage, expand, promote your activity - and Submit the details to our List for coordination and promotional purposes -- the bigger and more prestigious our List becomes, the better will your chances be to draw attention to your work and needs.

Establish a website for your activity to serve as your very descriptive "stationery," storefront, etc. at the click of a link. Contact our Webmaster for advice about setting up and promoting websites.

Join existing organizations. In our Listing, fields are provided for organizations to indicate whether and in what way others can join them or contribute to their activities. Please check our Participant Listing Page

Join prayer and service teams.

Assist in discipleship/farming - esp. in Africa.

Distribute/Contribute food and medicine at tabernacles

In Israel

Judging from the financial hardship presently in Israel, we could very well be in the time of "waxing lean" spoken of in Isaiah 17 (KJV). There is poverty all around, especially with Jehovah's Settlers in Judea, Samaria & Gaza. We would like to urge you to single them out for support - see Zionsake's listing of pro-Israel sites. Note the special needs for defense at the Israel National News and sites, viz.

Countries are listed separately in our "Highway" Listing. Please keep an eye on Israeli ministries and put them at the top of your support list.

This Project, "Highways-to-Jerusalem," also desperately needs your help to cover start-up and running costs. We do operate from Jerusalem, but not from anything that can be called an office and we need to run our website on a free site, use a free "Submit Form," all with unwelcome advertising. See "Financial Arrangement" about details how to help us.

Our Project Host, Holy Land Inc. also needs your help to expand their technical ability. Please send a Feedback message to offer your help - esp. with script writing.

Help us to find e-mail addresses of pro-Israel ministries, organizations, churches, etc. to invite them to "List" with us. Please contact our administrators via Feedback for more info.

Volunteer when you're in Israel to assist with development of facilities, infrastructure, admin., a communications center, services, etc. to care for new immigrants, tourists, refugees, etc.  The following link might just offer the opportunity to prepare for the day when "...ten men from all languages and nations will take firm hold of one Jew by the hem of his robe and say, `Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.'" Zechariah 9:23.  

COUNTER anti-Semitism; persecution of Jews,
Christians with PROSPERITY,  a refuge in Israel

Sincerely for the sake of His "Highways to Jerusalem"

Koos Huyser
Operations Manager



Philip Blom
Project Host and technical management
Contact via feedback

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